Tips and tricks for Windows 10

After an upgrade from Windows 7 you will be pleased to see that it doesn't start with the TILES, but with a standard desktop with a start-menu.
Nice to see that Microsoft has listened to the few complaints they got from the Windows 8 users.


Privacy and Security

During the upgrade to Windows 10 you can choose to do a personalized upgrade and make sure that you are not sharing your personal information with Microsoft and other users, if you did choose the "Express Install" now is your chance to change these settings to your liking.
One of the first settings you might want to change is "Wifi Sense". This routine shares the stored WiFi passwords on your computer with all your contacts in your address book, Facebook, Skype, etc. Maybe you want to stay in control over who you want to give your passwords.

You can find this in "Settings - Change Wi-Fi settings - Wi-Fi Sense.


Personalize the Desktop and Start-menu

It is back, the start-menu, thank you Microsoft.
You can also change it to your needs by deleting (unpin) the items you don't want and bring in there items you use a lot.

Also try a "Right-click" on the start-button, and you get a nice list of useful commands.

Windows 10 Updates

In Windows 10 there is a new way to deal with the updates. Apart from the fact that you have no choice anymore if you want to download the updates, Microsoft has also decided that it would be best that each computer shares the updates with other Windows 10 computers. This can result in a complete standstill of your connection for anything other than providing internet updates to other users.

Follow this link to see an easy guide to disable this function in Windows 10.

Data Usage

In Windows 10 is a build in Data usage monitor. It tells youthe total amount of data used over your LAN and Wi-Fi connection. And even some detail on which application is been responsible for it. A great help if you want to find out how much data you are using on your internet connection. It can help you to detect spyware and background routines slowing down your internet conection. It is not perfect, it does not detect 100% of the data traffic and it can not be Reset, it simply gives you the last 30 days, but a welcome tool to troubleshoot you internet.
Navigate to Settings -> Network & Internet. Select the top item on the left hand navigation pane “Data usage”.
Here you’ll see a general overview of the last 30 days. The circle will show you data used over different connections Etherne and Wi-Fi.

For more details of the usage per application, click on the small link under the the graph labeled “Usage details”.

Printing as PDF

Finally you don't need a third part application to create a PDF document, any document from your computer you can now turn into a PDF document, simply by using the "Print as a PDF" option.


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