Christmas 2020

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Wij wensen u een prettig kerstfeest en een gelukkig en gezond nieuwjaar!

¡Te deseamos una feliz Navidad y un próspero año nuevo!

Wir wünschen Ihnen frohe Weihnachten und eines gutes neues Jahr!

Computer Care / Natural Solar
Harold, Edwin, Abel, Debbie, Inma, Youssef.

Computer CareOver 26 years your trusted partner

At your service since 1994, from our shop in Benitachell or on-site in your home or business location.

Our team can support you in Spanish, English, Dutch and German.


Computer Equipment and Maintenance

We provide new computers, desktop, laptops/notebooks and a large variety of computer equipment to fit your needs.
Our maintenance programs include cleaning of your hardware, both on a Software level as on a Hardware level, essential to keep your hardware in good working order.
We offer data recovery and backup services for both personal and businesses.


Hardware and Software Upgrades

We offer all the services you need to make your systems run better!
Our computer experts can provide you with the hardware to expand your computer’s memory, increase the speed of existing systems and our experts can install all the software upgrades to optimize the performance of your PC.


Networking and Internet

We can design and install and maintain the perfect network for you, from a single connection point to a large multi-point network, we can make sure it always runs at peak performance.
For your home, your office or on your yacht.



We can design and install the perfect CCTV system for you customized to your needs.
We are official distributors for Ubiquiti and Foscam in this area.


Smart Home

We create a system which fits your needs, is easy to use and is robust. From a simple timer on a light or irrigation system, to a full control even when you are not there.
Combined with a CCTV system the ideal way to keep an eye on your property when you are not home.


Canal Digitaal, JOYNE, TV Vlaanderen, TéléSAT, TNTSAT, Freesat and German TV

We supply and install satellite TV systems for the reception of Canal Digitaal (Dutch), JOYNE (Dutch), TV Vlaanderen (Belgium), TéléSAT (French), TNTSAT (French), Freesat (British) and German TV.
From upgrading your current setup to installing complete new systems.
We are official distributors for Canal Digitaal, JOYNE and TV Vlaanderen in this area.



We supply and install NLZIET (Dutch) installations togerher with the HUMAX TV+ H3 Smart TV box.
This gives you the perfect combination to use your NLZIET contract together with a normal TV in the comfort of your lingroom or bedroom.
We are official distributors for HUMAX in this area.


Home Cinema

We offer all equipment for creating your own home cinema and surround sound systems (cabled or wireless).
From televisions, satellite receivers and HiFi wireless speakers (such as Sonos) to complete surround sound systems.


Solar Energy SystemsNatural Solar

For any installation small or large we have the perfect solution.
From a small "Casita de Campo" to a complete Villa, "Off-Grid" or "Solar Grid Tie".
You want to reduce your electrics bill, but also have the backup of the Mains Electrics? We can help you !!
Have a look at our Natural Solar page.


Special Offers

Have a look at our Special Offers !!!


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