Internet setup (Fibre optic, ADSL, WiFi, 4G, Sat)

Where ever you are, however long or short you are here, we can organize you with the best possible internet connection at the most competitive price.

Internet connection is becoming a life essential, without a connection to the internet most people feel lost.

To get an internet connection in your home in Spain can be a challenge, we have the experience to help you find the best option.



The most common way to connect is still thru a copper wire (a landline) in most cases is this an ADSL connection. Slowly the faster ADSL2+ or VDSL connections are coming available in this part of Spain. When your house is not further away than 3 kilometers from a telephone exchange this is the most reliable option. Often not the most economical solution. Connection speeds vary from 1Mbps up to 30Mbps download speeds upload speeds between 150Kbps and 900Kbps.


Fibre optic

Optical Fibre CableFibre optic is used by many telecommunications companies to transmit telephone signals, Internet communication, and cable television signals. Due to much lower attenuation and interference, optical fibre has large advantages over existing copper wire in long-distance and high-demand applications. However, infrastructure development within cities was relatively difficult and time-consuming, and fibre-optic systems were complex and expensive to install and operate. Due to these difficulties, fibre-optic communication systems have primarily been installed in long-distance applications, where they can be used to their full transmission capacity, offsetting the increased cost. Since 2000, the prices for fibre-optic communications have dropped considerably.

The price for rolling out fibre to the home has currently become more cost-effective than that of rolling out a copper based network.

Fibre optic Internet is an Internet connection that transfers data fully or partially via fibre optic cables. “Fibre” refers to the thin glass wires inside the larger protective cable. “Optic” refers to the way the type of data transferred – light signals.
So, an Internet connection using fibre optic cables is an Internet connection in which data is delivered in light signals via small, flexible glass wires.
Think about the speed of light. Your fibre-optic connection won’t deliver data quite that fast because the signal bounces around the wire many times on the way to its destination, but it is still very fast.

The speeds that fibre optics can deliver are ideal for virtually anything you do online, including:

  • Downloading music and videos
  • Streaming TV and movies
  • Playing real-time multiplayer games online
  • Connecting many devices, such as computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, at once

Fibre optic Internet is also typically more reliable than ADSL. There are a number of factors that can interfere with ADSL connection and speed, including power outages, proximity to power lines and distance from the Internet Service Provider. Fibre optic Internet does not rely on electricity, so power outages and proximity to powerful electrical equipment will run little to no interference on your connection.

Bottom line: Fibre optics wins over ADSL on speed and reliability.



Due to the lack of infrastructure a large part of our customers could not connect to a broadband connection at the start of the century, we have tried to do our best with providing a connection thru wireless links between distribution points and the homes of our customers, with the first active connection in 2001, sharing a "superfast" 256Kbps ADSL connection with some customers a few kilometers away. How things have changed.

At the moment there are many different operators you can choose from, the best one for you depends on the coverage and you need for internet speed or service. We can help you finding the best solution, based on your personal needs.

This type of connection is almost creating its own death, with many operators fighting for the unlicensed channels and creating interference for others and themselves it is not far from a complete standstill. In many locations we can see up to 130 different wifi broadcasts trying to deliver the data to their customers.

Only in areas where the spectrum is still clean the wifi signals can deliver a satisfactory speed and reliability to the customers.



The mobile companies are becoming a big player in the data-supply. Calls is becoming less important and most customers have a combination package Voice/Data. They also supply just Data contracts, and this is becoming more and more interesting. Most still use some form of data-limitation. If you go over this it will either become unusable slow, or very costly, but the contracts are starting to come in range of moderated home users. There are now mobile routers which can share the mobile data traffic between your computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. Also here coverage is the keyword, the better coverage the more speed you get. But we have many options to maximize this signal in your home.

For the moment these signals are licensed, which makes it a more reliable solution for your connection as not much interference should slow down the connection. Here the problem is that most providers oversell the connections, to recuperate there license and infrastructure cost. The result is that you superfast 3G/4G connection comes to a halt on the busy hours.

But it is definitely becoming an option to keep in mind.


Satellite Internet

TooWayIf you can see the sky, you can get the internet! A true slogan if your option is internet thru a Satellite Connection. The most costly solution, for setup and usage, with some delays due to the enormous distance the signals have to travel. But sometimes this is the only solution to get an internet connection.

The quality of the connections have improved a lot in the past ten years and with some very clever data handling it is even possible to have a sort of VoIP connection over the satellite connection.

Most of the contracts have a data-limit, and the unlimited connections are still very expensive.

Perfectly usable for webbrowsing and emailing.


Whatever connection you need to connect to the internet we can create it and maintain it and give you the optimum use of it.


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