Server installation and maintenance


We are experienced in designing and implementing the Server you need for your home or office.Wall Mounted Rack

From a small media server, which can be used for datastorage and or backup, so you can stream your multimedia to your TV or Sound System.

To a Small Office Server with data storage and backup.

Or a complete network design with Firewall, datasecurity, Remote Access to your data and programs, including backupservers and maintenance, adhoc or on a contract.

Servers are connected 24/7 and need to be reliable, it is always a challenge to find the best possible products for your needs. Not only based on what your business needs now, but capable of growing with your busines without having to replace it.

We always make sure that the server and the rest of your network is well documented and that you have all this information at hand, so that any additions, changes or problems can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Our small Servers, for home or small business start at only 349 euros.
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