How to upgrade to Windows 10: a step-by-step walkthrough

Are you sure you want do upgrade to Windows 10 ??

An upgrade of an operating system on a computer is always a risky process, during which you can loose information from the computer. So the first and most important step is to make sure you have a working backup of your important data.

If you decide to do an upgrade of your existing computer with a working operating system there are some things you can do to increase the success-rate.

Make sure you have a valid operating system for this free upgrade. Windows 7 or Windows 8 with a valid and activated license.

It helps if your computer is up to date with all windows updates. For an update from Windows 7 you need at least SP1 installed. For an update from Windows 8 you need at least the update to Windows 8.1 installed.

Make sure that your computer is clean from virus and spyware.

Delete all your temp files, and other stuff your computer can do without, you can use for example a program like CCLEANER.

Remove all the unwanted programs which you have installed and are not really using.

Restart your computer and use the Windows 10 upgrade medium (USB or DVD), in some cases it helps when you disconnect from the internet and temporarily stop your AntiVirus program.

If you don't have a Windows 10 upgrade medium you can use the upgrade function from the internet.

During the upgrade process make sure that the computer is connected to the mains and that there is no risk in powercuts (preferable use a UPS/SAI).

If it all has worked well, you are welcomed to the Windows 10 welcome screen: congratulations.

If something has failed, you might want to use google and look for:

Or when you have successfully installed Windows 10 and decide that it is not what you want, you have luckily 30 days to switch back to your previous operating system.

Another option is to perform a clean install with Windows 10, where you delete the content of the harddrive in the process.

In many cases it went successful, but unfortunately we also have received computers from customers which have turned into non-working objects after a failed Windows 10 upgrade.

When you feel the need for this upgrade, but are not comfortable with doing it yourself, we can guide you with this process, or perform it professionally for you in our shops.


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