Voice over IP.

Simply explained to use your internet connection to make voice calls.Skype

The pioneer in all this has been SKYPE (founded in 2003 by Niklas Zennström, from Sweden, and Janus Friis, from Denmark). It has made for many people living abroad the difference between contact with family and friends or being isolated. In our early days of creating internet connections, with our home made antennas and creating connections to parts of the world where no other signal was received, apart from a very expensive and non functional satellite system, it brought often tears of joy to our customers eyes. That the connection was not always perfect, people accepted with a smile.

In the past 17 years a lot has changed, there are many alternatives for Skype and it is not just Voice, video has become an important add-on.

Some internet providers offer a VoIP service inclusive in there contract,the cost of these calls is often a fraction of what you would pay using a mobile or a landline, especially when these calls go abroad. But the quality is depending on a lot of factors and not always the quality is as good as a landline or a mobile.

From our experience the company with the most reliable VoIP quality and competitive rates is Aeromax.
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