Networking your yacht, internet and multimedia

To create a full coverage inside your yacht is challenge, not just to provide the best possible internet access from either the harbour or a 4G data connection, but also to make sure that this connection is available inside each cabin, lounge, deck and other places you need the connection.

We can make sure it is simply working without any complications.

From design, implementation, setup and configuration including aftersales support, we can provide you with the best solution for each vessel.


Networking your yacht


Example of mid-size network system for 32 m yacht

Example of mid-size network system


Swans Marine

We work together with Swans Marine, based in de Marina de Denia.
Swans Marine have already many years' experience in the nautical world.
They have authorised dealerships in many well know and internationally recognised shipyards (e.g. SACS, BELLIURE, MENORQUIN, YAMAHA MOTOR).
Amongst sales services Swans Marine offers Marine Consulting, Charter Boats, Boat events, Berths for sale & rental, nautical insurance for your boat, boat maintenance, marine automated systems, etc.
Please visit Swans Marine, where you will find the highest quality products and nautical services to enable you to enjoy your days at sea.

Swans Marine web:
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tel: +34 666 279 776


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