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CCTV - Ubiquiti UniFi video

Ubiquiti UniFi videoFor our more demanding customers we have a solution from Ubiquiti. This company has made themselves the market leader in networking products in the matter of a decennia. An amazing result, based on delivering a high quality product at a disruptive price. They are supported by an enormous community of users which push them almost daily a step higher. Ubiquiti has learned that listening to this community of users is helping them to improve their products. They have managed to become a big player in the CCTV business just in a few years time. We are now on the second generation cameras and the full blown HD gen3 cameras will be here in the last quarter of 2016.

Their system is based on a controller, this is in most cases a Linux Server connected to the network, and the cameras connected thru a POE-switch to the same network.

The controller software can also run on any home pc or Mac, but for a reliable system we advice to use a headless Server (a server with no monitor, keyboard/mouse connected to it).

This has a higher cost to start with, but is well worth it when you are thinking of systems with 8 or more cameras. The choice in cameras is not as big as with other brands, but the quality plus de reliability and the amazing controller software make more than up for this.

Of course the system can be monitored remotely on any smartphone or tablet. It works especially well with the iPhone and iPad. The system can alert you when movements are detected, and you will be able to view recordings as well as a Live View of the cameras.

In most case we combine this with a UniFi networking system in the customer’s home, to ensure the network works optimum with excellent Wi-Fi coverage in any place in and around your home or business.

The strength of the Ubiquiti UniFi system is the seamless integration of all the different parts, giving you full control over your network in 1 application.

Ubiquiti UniFi video

Ubiquiti UniFi video

We can design and install the perfect CCTV system for you with Ubiquiti UniFi video.


Improved image quality

Improved image quality

We can design and install the perfect CCTV system for you with Ubiquiti UniFi video.


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